HeydSaffer is a content production agency.

HeydSaffer is a content production partner for agencies and brands. We are neither a traditional production house nor agency. We are the special-ops team for our clients. Our mission is to help advertising agencies, PR companies, and brands navigate the evolving content space both strategically and creatively. By consulting us early, we can maximize value, without sacrificing quality and execute some highly effective and award-winning work.

HeydSaffer produces content for every space; social videos, experiential events, broadcast spots, stills, animation, scripted content, documentaries, digital content, and long format. Basically, we’ve done it all.

In today’s ecosystem, it's no secret that marketing dollars need to stretch further than before. Production budgets need to be flexible, and the process must be scalable.

Instinctually this is when many production companies would hire younger, more inexperienced crews to save a few bucks. We do the opposite. We believe that experienced talent actually helps reduce spin which helps us meet shrinking budgets and challenging deadlines even more efficiently.

At HeydSaffer, our award-winning industry veterans Cynthia Heyd and Kevin Saffer are always active in curating teams, overseeing projects, planning and executing content. There is always high-level oversight.