Matt Eastman

Filmmaker Friday: Matt Eastman

November 23, 2018

We all know inspiration can be hard to find sometimes, this week we have Matt Eastman on to take us through how he breaks through creative block:

When I’m struggling to find inspiration, I tend to go for a jog. That usually shakes me out of my funk and gives me an okay idea or two. If that doesn’t work, music. Loud music. If loud music just gives me a headache, I’ll just try to sit still on the sofa. And think. Be still. Just try to visualize. And if that drives me crazy, maybe I’ll go for a jog again. And one other thing: on occasion, I do return to a folder of random images on my desktop, which I continually add to. Scanning through these shots always shakes me up, stirs some creative juices. I’d thought I’d share a few with you today…

Check them out below, and who knows, maybe you'll find your inspiration too:

Matt's Inspiration Gallery