Ff Tim Binkley

Filmmaker Friday: Tim Binkley

March 22, 2019

This week on Filmmaker Friday, Tim Binkley shares a real tear jerker, and shows us how great ads can resonate, even from half the world away:

Westpac Bank Australia delivers a heart-felt ad demonstrating the realities of some families have to endure. Steeped in powerful human insights, with delicately crafted story-telling and spectacular production values. No detail is left untouched.

While I grew up on the other side of the world this story is both universal and extremely powerful. This ad strikes a nerve for me personally having lived through a divorce at the young age of 7. Similar to this young lad, I helped mom, in Canadian terms, I shovelled her car out of the snow so she could get to work. I too sized up her dates when they ran the door. Time with dad was cut short to every-other weekend. But we too persevered and all lived happily ever after.

A big shout out to Westpac and their courage to address real families and the adversity they face. Check it out below: