Filmmaker Fridays: Joshua Chaiton

October 19, 2018

Introducing Filmmaker Fridays! A weekly feature where we hand the reins to one of the talented filmmakers we work with.

First up this week is Joshua Chaiton, one of our resident Director/Producers:

It was 20 years ago today that I became a licensed pilot. Flying has become a passion for me, and whenever I can combine aviation with filmmaking, I know I’m in for an amazing day.

Flying an airplane really changes your perspective. It requires dedicated concentration and a clear focus: you’re simultaneously responsible for piloting the airplane, monitoring the conditions outside, and navigating through crowded airspace. At the same time, the experience of flying is always magical — surfing above puffy white clouds, absorbing transformative views, and taking in the world from a very different perspective. Flying has become a sort of meditation for me, and it creates a powerful form of mindfulness.

It’s probably not surprising that my love of flying often finds its way into the work I produce and direct. I’ve enjoyed creating commercial content for airlines, using aerial cinematography for a variety of different narrative spots, and even capturing aerial footage in global conflict zones on behalf of the United Nations.

With partners in Los Angeles we’ve developed a series called Off The Charts, an unscripted adventure show based on our love of flying to unique and off-the-beaten track locations. You can check out the teaser below: