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  • Experiential

TV Series Launch Event

  • Campaign
  • Social

New Product Launch Campaign

  • Experiential

High-Concept Installation

  • Entertainment

Quirky Digital Series

  • Doc Style

A Doc Shoot In 3 American Cites

  • Broadcast

Stylish and fun celebrations!

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Live Broadcast and Experiential Events

Event Production: Live, Virtual, Hybrid New Technologies and Innovation

Creative, Technical & Logistics, Staging & Engineering

Entertainment experience

Proprietary streaming platform NEME.tv that is fully customizable and bespoke.

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A HeydSaffer Company

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Artist and Talent Management

Fyfe Shader represents independent directors and photographers.

Fyfe Shader artists can be plugged into any scenario; agency in-house, client direct, production companies or through Heyd Saffer.

Fyfe Shader mentors emerging and BIPOC talent looking for opportunities to grow their body of work & network, and provides executive oversight for all productions

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A HeydSaffer Company

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We are modern content creators prepared for any challenge.

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