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Filmmaker Friday: Andrew Sims

November 16, 2018

This week we have Andrew Sims dropping by to show how you can find inspiration in the most unexpected places:

My filmmaker career started while I was studying Film Production at Ryerson in the late 90’s. I was working in live TV and music videos while taking courses and was thirsty for new images and influences.

When I discovered I Am Cuba it jumped of the screen at me. Before I started at Ryerson’s film program I had apprenticed for a photographer and in I Am Cuba, I found the connection between still photography and moving images. Every frame looks like an iconic magazine image from Magnum Photo or Natural Geographic. It’s this photo journalistic aesthetic that I feel in love with and it has greatly influenced my work.

I also love the mystique behind the film as well as the cinematography.

I Am Cuba was supposed to be the ultimate Soviet propaganda piece showing its citizens the evils of capitalism and the decadence that the rich enjoy at the expense of the workers. But in the end, it was never shown behind the iron curtain because they feared it made the decadent good life look too appealing. I am Cuba became a cult film in the west for film makers and influenced a few big commercial campaigns, namely the roof top pool scene which inspired a credit card commercial. Check out the trailer below: