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Filmmaker Friday: Becky Yeboah

November 02, 2018

With Remembrance Day fast approaching, it is always a time for reflection, luckily one of our own, Becky Yeboah, spent time as a cadet in her youth:

Remembrance Day approaching really brings to mind my time as an army cadet. It was definitely a choice of mine to join, but there’s no denying that it was a bit of a tradition in my family with my older cousins and siblings all taking part as well.

I’ll never forget my time as a cadet and I holdfast to the discipline and order it introduced into my life. The comparison of a production and a legion is pretty common, and also accurate. The hierarchy, the compartmentalization, the leaders, the idea of many hearts coming together to achieve a common goal, all of these are common to both my time on set and my time with the Royal Canadian Legion. I apply the principles I learned there to every project and every encounter in this industry.

I think being a part of my armoury’s Remembrance Day ceremony was maybe the first time as a young adult where the weight what we were reflecting on really hit me.

All in all, whether you’re below the line, above the line, an EP or the client- buy a poppy and wear it proudly, and if you’re shooting on the 11th (or even the 12th) be sure to pause production and take a moment to reflect.

Lest we forget.

And if you're looking for a good war flick to take in. We'd definitely recommend Hacksaw Ridge. Check out the trailer below: